wrr_logoThe Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is an independent advisory body for the Dutch government. Its position is governed by the Act Establishing a Scientific Council on Government Policy of 30 June 1976 (Instellingswet WRR). The task of the WRR is to advise the government on issues that are of great importance for society. The reports of the WRR are not tied to one policy sector. Rather, its reports go beyond individual sectors; they are concerned with the direction of government policy for the longer term. 

AUP has been publishing WRR publications for more than 10 years: the WRR Rapporten (WRR reports), the official recommendations to the government; the WRR Verkenningen (WRR Explorations), studies which lie at the heart of the recommendations; and the WRR Webpublicaties (WRR web publications), web-specific studies. The publication of the WRR are authoritative, usually have a big impact, and give rise to debates.

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