European History
Drawing on a wide array of textual and material primary sources, this book assesses the ways that gender and other categories of difference affect understandings of time.
€ 105,00
A Dutch Painter in Late Seventeenth-Century London
This book the first comprehensive examination of the Dutch painter Godefridus Schalcken's activities in the four years that he spent in London, surveying his art and concludling with a critical...
€ 95,00
Historical Reflections on the Process of Community Formation
This book examines actual processes of experiencing the imagined community, exploring its emotive force in a number of case studies.
€ 95,00
An Archaeological Perspective
The first work to address the end of Roman Hispania and the emergence of Medieval Spain from a principally archaeological perspective
€ 119,00
This monumental encyclopedia documents the presence and effects of cultural consciousness-raising in the early decades of European nationalism.
€ 269,00
A companion for Historians
This companion offers young historians clear guidelines for the different phases of historical research.
€ 16,95
Part 2
This newest volume in a long-running work of mapping the sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture in England from 500 to 1100 CE takes up one of the most important authors of the period, the...
€ 95,00
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Ecodynamics
This book reconstructs settlement patterns of fishing communities in Viking Age Iceland and proposes socio-economic and environmental models relevant to any study of the Vikings or the North Atlantic.
€ 94,99
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